Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Windows 10

Okay, just upgraded to Windows 10. So far, with limited use, here is my opinion of it. I may add to this as I go.

The Good

I think I will like having a start menu.

The new MS Edge Browser has a funky new thing where you can write and draw on webpages and then save a copy to share.  Might be fun to draw mustaches on celebrities and friends on Facebook.  Ha.

 Playing around with Windows 10 I discovered I can have several different desk tops each with a different program running on it.  I can think of all sorts of good uses for this feature.

I can also just use one desk top with multiple programs opened and layered so I can see what is what and bounce back and forth between them.  I can also have two programs side by side in a split screen deal.

The Bad 

 At first I got no picture with videos, only sound.  But this morning it appears to be working okay.

MS Edge, microsoft's new browser is okay but missing vital pieces in my opinion. When I open a new tab, I want a homepage button where I can get Bing to automatically load. The Edge doesn't have a home page button.  I have to open the new tab and then search for Bing in the default search bar.  This is a waste of time.  But I want to do my searches in Bing because I earn points for Amazon cards that way.  It's possible that I haven't found the trick, but so far not.

I'm not fond of how the search function works.  Maybe I just don't know how to use it yet, but when I am searching for something in my computer I don't want internet results.

I kind of miss the screen where I could view all the apps.

The Ugly

 I keep getting this notification that either the AMD software has an invalid license or that the license information to use the software is not found.  I tried updating drivers for it but was told there are no drivers for my system.  So I hope whatever this is it won't be a big problem. 

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