Saturday, August 02, 2014

Supplement Review: Inositol for OCD

This is a supplement I used with my son when he was in elementary school to help with some fear tendencies he was exhibiting.  It helped him and it seemed he had gotten better so I stopped giving him the supplement after a while.  I regret that decision as he is dealing with severe OCD now.  I have started the supplement back up for him and he is receiving medical care and counseling as well.  So far I have not noticed a great difference, but it may be one of those things that takes some time.  So we are plugging along.  From what I understand, the studies that were done on this supplement were on patients given large doses, not just the amount recommended on the jar.  I did not realize that when I restarted the supplement a few weeks ago.  So I have increased his dose to four times the amount recommended on the jar.  I will update this post in a few weeks or months and let you know more.

Here is a link about this supplement:

Does Inositol Work?

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