Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kindle Book Review: Fake Fear: A Biblical guide to dealing with stress, worry and anxiety. (New Perspectives Series) [Kindle Edition]

Yesterday I listened to this entire book on my Kindle in just about an hour.  It is a short easy read.  I was greatly blessed by it and plan to review it again a little slower so that I can highlight and make notes.  I would highly recommend it especially to anyone dealing with stress, fear, and anxiety.  It puts things in perspective and directs us back to a proper fear of God and shows us that these other fears, and anxieties are not the kind of fear we should have and he gives some tips for overcoming them.

There was, however, a typo in one part that completely changed the intended meaning of the author.  When you get to it I think you will quickly recognize it because you will do a double take and scratch your head for a minute.

The author is a medical doctor who lives in the UK, so he mentions some things that are unique to the UK.

This little book is worth every penny!

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