Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Review: Give Me Liberty: The Uncompronising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry

If you are interested in history, this is a great book to read!  It is written in an engaging fashion.  I'm a little partial to this book because Patrick Henry is my 7th Great Grandfather. The author of this book shows Henry's faith, his family life and his leadership.  He draws leadership application from Henry's life that will challenge you in your own life.

I was struck by the fact that Henry's wife was mentally ill.  It was quite a burden for him to deal with.  In the a time when mentally ill people were institutionalized permanently, Patrick Henry chose to have her cared for at home until she died. This took a great deal of trouble for him.  He made a special two room apartment for her in the basement of the house.  He made sure it had plenty of windows and natural sunlight and made her as comfortable as possible.  His tender care and love over her even in her mental illness is touching.

You will be blessed and challenged as you read this book.  I highly recommend it.

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