Saturday, February 01, 2014

"God Led Me to....."

There is something that a lot of Christians do, and I have been guilty of this too, that really bothers me.

Let me give you an example.  When I was in college, I was home on Christmas break when I recieved a letter in the mail from one of the boys that I had studied with for a class.  In this letter was a necklace and he wrote that he believed that God had told him that I was the girl for him and that we should get married.

Never mind that we had never done anything together except study a few times and ended up at the same table for a meal or two.

I was a little shocked and amused at the same time. Did I miss a memo from God?  I didn't recall God telling me I should marry him, and yet he thought God had told him he should marry me.

There have been other times in churches that I have been a part of, where someone was trying to fill a volunteer position and they have approached me and said something like, "God led me to ask you to do this job."  Well, what if it's not something that will work out well for me to do and I decline?  Am I then saying no to God?

I've also had people in multilevel marketing schemes approach me and say, "God led me to ask you to join me at the next meeting of (you name the product).  I think this would be good for you!"  But what if I am not interested in that product or getting involved in a multilevel marketing busniness?  Am I saying no to God because God "led" that person to ask me?

Sad to say, I think many Christians use this phraseology to manipulate other Christians into doing what they want them to do. 

I'm not sure what the Biblical answer to this is. If you have any insight I would love to hear it.

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