Monday, October 28, 2013

Even More Advice for Young People Contemplating Marriage

When you go out together, who is the spiritual leader?  If you are a girl, is it your boyfriend or are you the one who always brings up spiritual matters?

God designed marriage so that the husband should be the spiritual leader of the wife and children.  

If the wife desires to have a spiritually vital marriage, then the man needs to be the leader.  Many women have been deeply disappointed to get married and find that their husband does not really share their spiritual values and is not going to lead in that area of the marriage.

Girls, please save yourself some future grief.  Step back and look at your relationship with the guy you are dating.  Ask yourself some questions: 
Is he a spiritual leader?
Who brings up spiritual topics in your relationship most often?
Does he attend church each Sunday?
Are your spiritual values and beliefs in agreement with his and vis versa?

If he does not attend church each Sunday, if he does not lead spiritually in your dating relationship, then he will not do these things once you are married either.  Don't think you can change him once you are married.  It won't happen outside of God doing a work in his heart.  

Save yourself some future grief and break off the relationship before you get married and have to deal with a life time of disappointment.

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