Monday, September 26, 2011

Journal Entry Sept. 26, 2011 God's Grace is Sufficient

Been struggling lately. Seems since I banged my head I've been having headaches every day. I decided to go see the chiropractor about it. She said I hit my head right where the two bones of the skull come together. She called it the suture line. I suppose that is the anatomical term for it. She said that makes it more painful. She also said that I messed my neck up when I hit it two. I believe that. My neck has been hurting me more since then. :-(

Today I decided to listen to President Obama at his live streaming town meeting on LinkedIn. He was supposed to telling us about his Job's Bill that he is trying to get through. I heard a lot of stuff that people would want to hear but he didn't say a whole lot about what the Job's Bill would actually have in it or do. It was a great performance but that is all I can say for it.

Well, this is what I got done today....washed sheets, got the budgeting caught up and paid bills, ordered more medication & picked it up, had an appt. with the chiropractor, pulled goat head weeds in the driveway, checked the moisture situation in the trailer, picked raspberries and tomatoes, made meals, did some internet stuff and now I'm getting ready to make iced caramel decaff coffee for Rick and I and after the kids clean up the kitchen we'll watch a movie.

So in spite of the headache, God's grace was strong in my weakness.

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