Friday, August 05, 2011


August is school "vacation" month.  Well, the kids get a school vacation.  I don't.  I have to finish up the grading, record keeping etc. for the year and print the reports. After that is done I have to sit down and decide what we are going to cover next year and get started on planning our plan of attack.

August is also my catch up month for things around the house that have been neglected the past 11 months while we have been doing school

August is also family vacation time and kids camp.  Kid's is when I have the house to myself and can  hopefully concentrate on getting a lot of stuff done.  S will be gone and I won't have to drive her around back and forth to work or go do driving practice with her.  That is next week.  I'm hoping to make good use of the time.

We hope to take some family trips after the kids are done with camp.  So I've been busy making plans for that.

I've joined the PCHE  board of directors for this coming school year, so that should also serve to keep me busy.

We are trying to figure out what S should be doing come this Fall.  We decided to go ahead and make application at Academy of Art University and see where that leads as far as financial aid and all.  But we have run into a snag with that.  They are not sure they want to accept her application because, basically, our home school doesn't fit their mold for what California has specified a home school should be.  That is not what they told us per say, but knowing now what CA requires of home schools and the rules AAU has in their catalog and what I was told on the phone, that is the problem. I faxed them her transcript but they don't give me much hope they will accept it. Home School Legal Defense is looking into their rules for what constitutes a home school. We'll see where it leads.  We are going to need a hefty chunk of financial aid, however, if she is going to be able to take classes there.  We look at it this way, if God wants her taking classes from them, He will provide a way.  If not, the doors will close.

So anyway, this is my life at the moment.....

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