Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A very busy day

Today (Tuesday) was a very busy day for me.  School in the morning and trying to finish up painting the bathroom & moving stuff back in to it.  Took S to work at 1pm. Came home and got N and took him to the orthodontist at 1:30pm.  While he was at the orthodontist I went to the second hand store.  I picked up some funky scrapbooking paper there.  Came back and got N at 2pm and took him to Starbucks for a treat and then on to Teen Teams to play baseball with his buddies.  I left him there and went back to Clarkston to pick up S at 3:15.  We went to Costco and S made a meal of the snacks they had out and then we bought a piece of pizza for N and an iced coffee for S and headed up to the park to wait for N.  At 5pm we headed over to Pioneer Park for a full evening.of music and Living History presentation. We got home around 8:15pm.  I'm pretty tired.
I found it funny that they had the area at Pioneer Park roped off and a sign that said, "No alcohol beyond this point." But inside one of the vendors was a brewery selling it.  I don't know if the sign was for their benefit so they would sell more or if it was just a funny coincidence.  I also notice that a lot of Lewiston's history revolved around saloons and liquor, so it kind of struck me funny to see this sign and the vendor selling it in light of the history.
When we came home I found my Battenburg Lace curtains came for my downstairs bathroom!  I will be excited to iron them and put them up tomorrow!  I hope to do some more cleaning in the basement tomorrow.  I'd like to have that whole mess cleaned up by the end of this week if possible and have the basement set up for the yearbook assembly by the end of May.  This is my goal. I hope to attain that.

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