Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Help for Bunions

Ok, I admit it. I have a bunion. Over the years it has become more and more painful. I went to the doctor about two months ago and all he offered was a referral to a foot doctor who of course would want to do surgery. I didn't want to go there, so I started doing research looking for help. I found in Prevention Magazine an advertisement for the Bunion Aid. It cost $59.99. There was some research that I was able to read on it and I became convinced that I wanted to try it.

I was looking for a cheaper place to order it when I came across Footsmart. They sell the same thing with a different name for $39.99.

I decided to go for it. The Bunion Aid web site advertises the brace as fitting comfortably in a shoe. That was false advertising. It does not fit well in shoes. I had to buy new shoes that would accommodate it. The advertising said it could be worn both day and night. For me, that didn't work. It kept me awake at night and the brace would slip so it pulled my toe out of joint. That was very painful and made it so I could barely stand to put weight on my foot until it finally popped back into joint. So I abandoned night time wear.

I have been wearing it almost daily for two months now. I have noticed marked improvement in my pain. Before I got the brace, I was having attacks of pain in the toe joint four to five times daily. It was pain that stopped me in my tracks. Now I can go several days without pain.

It is best for bunions that cause intermittent pain and mild deformity. If you are to the point of constant unrelenting pain and a toe that crosses over the others, then this may not help you.

Over all, I'd give this bunion brace 4 stars. It wasn't without its challenges and the advertising wasn't exactly honest, but it has helped reduce my pain very much.


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered if those things really work. I am not at the point where I need one, but if the situation arises I know what to do. Thanks for the infomercial :)

Marsha said...

It really wasn't an informercial. I get no kick back for directing anyone to that web site to buy. It was just something I wanted to tell people about because it works for me. There's no money earned by me for it.