Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Planner Idea

If you want to download my Planner instead of ordering the print copy, here's a way you can use it.
  1. You can print it out as the 6x9 format, use a paper cutter to cut the pages to size and punch holes and put them in a 6x9 notebook, add tabs and anything else you want to personalize your planner. You might be able to find a zippered book case with handle that will fit your notebook at a 2nd hand store or buy one new.
  2. You can burn it to disk and take it to Staples and have them print it and bind it for you.
  3. What I have done is printed three months worth of weekly pages out using multiple pages and the horizontal and reversed horizontal settings to get the pages back to back the way I want them. This shrinks the pages down a bit so you can crop them real close leaving just enough room on the edge that needs to be hole punched. It's not perfect, but it serves me well...a small Daytimer notebook works great. You can buy used and new Daytimers, if you are patient, at the 2nd hand store. I got a new leather one with a holder for my PDA for $1.80 at St. Vincents De Paul.

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