Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marsha's Musings: The Self Sufficient vs. the Dependant on God

V. 7 The man that made not God his strength:
  • boasts in mischief
  • tongue deviseth mischief and is like a sharp razor---deceitful
  • loves evil more than good
  • love lying rather than righteousness
V. 8 The man who trusts in the mercy of God
  • praises God because He has done it (whatever circumstance he is in, he acknowledges that God has engineered it)
  • waits on God's name
  • he knows that it is good for God's people to see him trusting God

Praise God because He engineers the circumstances be they good or bad. That's why praise is a sacrifice. When we wait patiently on God it is good for His people to see this example of faith and patience. Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character and character, hope. Our reaction or response to circumstances that God brings into our lives impacts others for good or for bad.

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